Friday, September 17, 2010

T and other stuff

T is for Tyler! Ty is my little buddy. I love him to death and the family wouldn't be complete without him. Hes such a sweet kid and always (almost) willing to help out with his brothers or chores around the house. Unless its been a long day for me and I really need the help and he "doesn't feel like it" but thats a different story. He is also a very stubborn kid, and likes to drive me crazy. When he gets in trouble, he laughs. I hate it. Most kids say sorry or cry, which I could handle. But he LAUGHS! I even got so far as to swat his bum one time, and he LAUGHED! It defeated the purpose. So that can be a titch frustrating but I still love him all the same. So thats my letter for the day. On to other things.

I have been extremely busy the last two days. Wednesday was a workshop in Salt Lake with Bank of America. Anyone who has talked to me about my job knows that I HATE working with Bank of America right now so going to this training was a good thing to get contacts and escalation numbers. We shall see if they actually work. Another thing that was good was that it opened my eyes to the way other agencies are running their program. This program is my baby. Its all mine. And I learned there are alot of things I personally need to be doing to make the program better and help clients in a better fashion. It was extremely helpful. We also closed the job posting and are going to be going over applications and setting up interviews. I'm VERY excited about this because I need the help.
The last bit of good news...H let me know yesterday that my application for those houses I talked about it a previous post is looking good and I'm one of the top runners soo far! This makes me very excited! So we shall see how that goes. wishes to everyone on a good Friday and a great weekend!

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