Friday, September 24, 2010

X Y and Z!

I'm finishing out my ABCs today....with all three XYZ. I've enjoyed the ABCs because they have gotten me back in the habit of writing on the blog which is good! So with no further we go.
X is for Xenogenisis! What is Xenogenisis you may ask? Xenogenisis is a generation of offspring entirely unlike the parents. (yeah...I couldn't think of anything I was grateful for that started with X so I looked up unusual words that start with X. Betcha didn't know there are a TON of words that start with X and have something to do with yellow! hehe) The reason I use this because when you look at my boys you wouldn't guess they all came from me. Nate is tall and skinny with brown hair, brown eyes and very olive dark skin. Tyler is short and still skinny-ish but not like nate, and my blondie with blue eyes and very fair skin. Ryder looks the most like me and is tall but stalky, has reddish brown hair, hazelish eyes (like mine) and skin thats not super fair, but also not super dark. But thats where the differences end sadly. I'd hope I wasn't as stubborn and thick headed as my kids can be...but I know I am. But they are also sooo funny and total goofballs...which I hope I am sometimes. :)
Y is for yards. yards in the house. I LOVE that we have grass...and a spot that is just ours like our back patio. When we were living in the apartment it was horrid because we kind of felt trapped inside the house. There was a lil bit of grass outside but it wasn't kid friendly. And the only kids in the complex were the managers kids...who we didn't really like to play with. Here at this new place...there are billions of kids all over the place plus the park that is like a 1 minute walk from our place. I don't know that I could ever go back to another apartment. Hopefully I won't have to :)
and Z!! Z is for Zumba! Which I shouldn't say I'm grateful for since I haven't actually done it yet. But I've heard its sooo fun and its on my to do list when I get a minute. I know soo many people who totally LOVE the class. So if any of you have tried Zumba and wanna share if you love it or not...please do! But I'm rather excited to try it one of these days.
Anyway...thats it for today! I hope you all have a great day and an even better weekend!!


  1. Come to Golds with me and take that class! I want to do it so bad... but I'm scared!

  2. We did Zumba with the young women once and it was a blast. You would love it.

  3. Thanks guys! I'd totally come with you but I really don't like Golds and don't want a membership there...they do have it at Crossfit for $30 for 10 classes...which is really good. Might try it there. We will see!