Friday, September 10, 2010

I almost forgot today! O and P

I can't believe I forgot my ABCs today. Anyway...
O is for Opening! Or more like job opening. We finally posted for the job opening here to help me out! I'm rather excited. I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with my case load so having assistance will help tons and I'll be able to give better quality service to ALL my clients.
P is for Planes! I am an impatient traveller...I hate driving places because it takes forever and a day. This is why I am grateful for...planes! They are quick! And kinda scary. But its worth it to be quick! And I will REALLY appreciate them in December when I go to Washington DC. I am soooo very excited about that! I have never been back East before and even though it will be snowy...I am SOO looking forward to it! I can't wait! This is yet another reason I love this job...I've travelled more in the last year than I have my entire life. It's been great! :)
Anyway...hope ya'll have a good day!

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