Thursday, September 23, 2010


My excitment has dropped slightly about the houses. After actually scoring the applications I had moved down to 4th place by the time I had left last night. Which is still good, but they still had 3 applications to score. So I'm right on the line of getting or not getting a house. But I for sure won't be getting first pick :( Thats ok though, all the houses are pretty. I just had one my heart was set on. I'll know more tenatively today if I am still in the running. H and J are finishing the scoring and then they send it on up to UHC for the final review. Its nerve racking! Gahhhhh! But if its meant to will be. Thats my mantra. If I'm meant to have one of the houses...I'll get one. If not...then its just not the right time and I need to be patient.

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