Tuesday, September 14, 2010


R is for Ryder of course! Ryder is my lil man. He is cute, and adorable, and funny....and a pain in the tushy, and stubborn, and a lil whiney... :) He is a special lil guy and he has taught me alot about patience seeing as how he's forced me to use it more so than the other two boys lately. The terrible twos definitely hit him. Its kind of interesting though....He will be happy and laughing and dancing, then split second later hes pouting and whining. I don't understand his mood swings and I kinda hope they go away soon...but its still rather entertaining. My favorite is when he gets in trouble. He has two reactions and I'm not sure how he decides which one to use. The first is he gets mad, screams, won't move, hits, does anything imaginable to be irritating. OR he will look up at you with those cute little puppy dog eyes, get a lil teary (with the whole bottom lip quivering) and say "sowwy" and either pat your arm or pet you. Its kinda cute. At daycare lately, he will semi mix the two and say "No Ms. ____ (whoever is telling him no)!" Then do the quiver lip pouty pet the teacher sorry thing hah! He's not my child at all...nope :)
So...today is a tribute to him. He keeps me on my toes and I love him to death...and its his birthday next monday! So here's to you lil dude...I love ya!

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