Wednesday, September 22, 2010

V and W

I need to catch up on my ABCs! So here we go....

V is veggies! Shocker for me I know! But I am grateful for my veggies. I don't love veggies but I'm grateful that I have the ability to eat them as I wish. And hide them in my food to trick the boys and I into eating them. Retarded I know...but when I'm a picky eater and I got picky eaters for kids...we have to adapt. Ha!

W is for Wards. I have been so grateful to a couple of my wards that I have been a part of in the past. The first ward, of course, is my home ward. I have almost always felt welcome and at home there. Every time I go I get bombarded with love and kindness from the people I've known so long and I truly do feel the warmth and love there. The other ward that I have to give props to was my ward on Leigh Hill. That was the ward that I went through my first total repentance process in, I had my first ever calling in that ward as well. Relief Society Music Director I believe. I was in charge of finding and conducting the music for Relief Society as well as Enrichment Meetings and such. I loved that ward. They took me in and loved me. They all came together after Tyler was born and had his first surgery. I miss that ward sooo very much. I'm not so appreciative of the ward I'm in now. There is no warm fuzzies there. I feel stared and and not welcome. I'm really looking forward to (hopefully) getting one of the Enoch homes so that I can move to a new ward where I can further my spiritual side. I've heard that ward is crossing fingers.

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