Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Challenge and Online Dating

Pretty flower in parents backyard
As a kid I loved these flowers. I remember my bestie and I would try to suck "honey" out of them. I'm happy that they weren't secretly poisonous, or if they were we didn't ingest enough venom to kill us. I'm pretty sure we had them mixed up for Honeysuckles which actually have sweetness inside but it's all good. So this is my picture of the day. Brings back good childhood memories.

I was reading a blog of another girl who talked about online dating today. It reminded me of how many people ask me if I've tried online dating before or if I am currently online dating. And...I have. But nothing ever came of it and let me show you the reasons why.

{Lines from various online profiles}

I also will only date Republicans/Conservatives/Constitutionalists/Libertarians.
BTW: I do not find Tattoos or weird piercings attractive.

Moms love me and children wanna be me. I'm ticklish, haha. Everyday is my lucky day. I'm more fun than a barrel of monkeys. I’m a stellar hugger and a world class cuddler. I'm a HUGE nerd, but I didn't make the chess team because of my height. My nail painting skills are legendary. Giggling babies make me smile. Oreos and dr pepper should have their own food group.

Country Boy lookin fer a lil Philly.

Interests: Magneto-hydrodynamic propulsion, Quarter-wave resonant Tesla coils, collecting very small pretty rocks, Drawing naked pictures... you name it.

Like if u take a shower/ bath everyday.

I hope i aint trippn bt alot of females look betta to me wen im high,bt they still look gudd wen i aint,i just wish wen i come down they stay in (high definition)!!!!!


in need of a womens .........................

THURSDAY EVENING, At 4:50pm walk to Linn Area Credit Union, Iowa Wireless, Wal-Mart, Walk back home, Put stuff away, My blood sugar was 110, Had Sub Sandwich from Subway for Supper, Watched Wheel of Fortune on channel 7 KWWL, NBC on Mediacom,Turn off the window air, Open the patio door, Watched The Cannonball Run on the dvd player, Watching "TNA" Impact Wrestling on channel 59 SPIKE on Mediacom, Close the patio door because it's raining, Turn Window Air back on.

And these are the mild ones. There are SOOO many that are X-rated and unshareable on my blog. So that is why my online dating stint lasted a whole ten seconds. That and boys feel the need to say hello by calling one pet names, and that drives me crazy {I am not your honey, gorgeous, baby, cutie, doll, sweetie, hotness, or anything else you can come up with}. Don't get me wrong, I love pet names. But you gotta earn them.


  1. Are you looking for men on myspace???

  2. You would think so wouldn't you? Except that these came from a site that has 'proven success' using tools such as chemistry matching and filters that only show you people who match your needs. I apparently have some unknown need for guys with horrible grammar and strange thoughts.

  3. Have you tried sites that the church has out there for online dating? Jarrod and I actually met on myspace... but I got lucky. I used Yahoo Personals before too (not sure if it's still around). But LDS Chat (if still around) was a great place. LDS Singles is fun. Don't give up.