Thursday, May 17, 2012

No Challenge

I slacked today and didn't have a picture to share. It was a fairly busy day, and I came across a little  stress in the financial area. Having two jobs and trying to work out bills on 4 paychecks has been interesting. I'm used to paying my rent on one check and the rest of my bills on the other. Especially when unexpected bills pop up like a daycare bill that I wasn't expecting in the least that took every penny of my free money just about. I really was freaking out on how I was going to pay for it, but then decided to take a chance and say a little prayer...and I had a sudden lightbulb moment that worked it out. However, it also made me realize I have to re-work my entire budget and bill paying schedule. I kind of felt like 4 paychecks made me feel a little richer, until I realized that I'm making around $3 less per hour (which equals a whole lot of money per month lost) which also means I will not have the cushion I was comfortably relying on each month. This too shall pass as I move up in positions, but until then I have realized I need to move back to the super strict budget. Which was kind of depressing as there were some oils I learned about tonight at a DoTerra class that I really want to try but I will have to save up and get them later. And Nate needs new shoes. And I still have to fill up the car with gas. And somewhere in there I need to pay my tithing, which I slacked on this check becuase I just didn't see how I could afford it without making my account go overdrawn.
So after all this rambling...the fact that I'm trying to get at is...sometimes life is hard. And stressful. And I hate that I have to do this all on my own sometimes. It would be nice to have a second (or I guess third since I'm already working two jobs) income to work with. To have someone to watch kids without me feeling guilty while I get away for a minute. Or just some support to know its all going to end and get better.
But this too shall pass. Someday I may have that extra support I would so love to have, but maybe I won't. And thats okay. We will be okay. Because all of this will pass and things will get better. They always do. Just need to remember that more often and let it bouy me up when times are down.


  1. Kimmy, pay your tithing first. Then it will for sure all work out. Trust me, Les and I have had numerous opportunities to not pay because we didn't have enough money, and because we did, there was always enough, not usually excess, but enough. Also, other needs were provided for without need for money. Never hesitate.

  2. I took your advice and ended up having things work in my favor, to the point I had money to pay for my bills and needs, and some left over. Guess that paying tithing thing really does work yeah?