Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mormon Messages (late)

After some unnecessary drama ensued from my last post, there were several not nice things I wanted to say to this particular person. However, after much thought I've realized that the only thing that needs to really be said is an apology to the people that have to deal with the drama aftermath. I really am sorry and I just want you to know how much I have appreciated your kindness through this all. It has meant the world to me, more than you know. And with that, a late Mormon Message that reminded me to always seek for a higher road.

On another note, Ry and I have been missing brothers SOO much it hurts but we have tried to have fun and keep our minds off of it until they get home. He has quite the little personality and has been so fun to talk to. Tonight I put him to bed but had the feeling I needed to go lay down with him and I am happy I did. We had such a fun discussion that involved sharks in Alaska, riding trains in Alaska, seeing bears in Alaska, riding a plane to Alaska, and many more topics that included Alaska (thanks Grandma for mentioning taking him to visit Alaska, he really wants to jump on a plane tomorrow). We also discussed the fun times we will have at the Aquatic Center tomorrow with Betsy and LJ, how much he loves that his new penguin can swim (just like in Alaska) and what kind of neat things Nate may bring home from Alaska. At one point I pretended to go to sleep so he would as well, and he would poke my forehead and whisper "Momma...momma....momma! Open up your eyes momma!" until I did. It made me smile. He is such an adorable boy, I love him with all my heart.

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