Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pic a Day Challenge

Today I am thankful for Herbalife and the friends I'm making through the program. I have lost 6 lbs so far and 8ish inches. Tomorrow I weigh and measure again, and I'm not sure whats going to happen because I've had a rough week but we will see. I look at myself and get frustrated, but then remember that I have everything I need to succeed I just need to give it time. And learn patience. Patience is a good thing.
Tonight I went to the first session of Family Fit Night that is being put on by the Herbalife crew here in town. It was a great hour long workout that gave me confidence seeing as how the only thing I couldn't finish was the planks. I hate planks. But I will be better. Every week is a different activity and it's free to the public, even if your not on Herbalife. It's just a way for families to get together and get moving. I love the people there and my boys loved going. It was good. I feel good. It feels good to exercise. It gives me motivation to keep on going. blessing today is Herbalife. I know if I stick with it I will succeed. Go Herbalife!

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