Thursday, May 10, 2012

Puttin my foot in my mouth. A lot. (and pic challenge)

I have realized that I put my foot in my mouth quite a bit. Like a whole lot. I think it's because I get anxious or nervous or something. I dunno. For example, recently I was talking to some friends and acquaintances. We were talking about a Zumba place in town that one of the people works at and she mentioned that a kid I went to high school with (who is also in our ward) went there. If I would've said what I meant, it would've came out like-
"I think that is great, he has been talking to me about exercising more and I think it's great that he went up there with his friends. And that group of friends is hilarious so I can only imagine how funny that was to see."
{as an fyi, this particular person who went to Zumba is my friend now as well and we have been trying to motivate each other to exercise}
Instead, it came out something like -
"Thats awesome, I bet that was funny. Cause he's not a little guy and thats great that he went up there. Cause he's not right?"
And it sounded like I was making fun of his weight. At least in my mind it did. And I have absolutely zero room to talk in that department so I felt like a real big jerk for having it come out that way. I have no idea how they took it, but eesh.
I do that at work too. I'll send an email to my boss then forget I sent it or try to make small talk and I repeat pretty much everything I said in the email. Or I'll be talking to the girl who's training me and open my big mouth way more than I need to and say ridiculous things.
Today as Ry and I were driving to Grandma's house, all of a sudden out of the back of the car I hear "Frickin' A! Frickin' A!" Which is what I say when I get road rage. Luckily it wasn't a cuss word but still, thats almost as bad. Wonderful parenting award of the day right there.
And tonight, Ryder headbutted my chin so hard it left a wierd bruise/bump thing and he had already been whiney so it completely set me off and he got yelled at. And then Ty got yelled at. And then all the boys got yelled at. And then we had to have a huge snuggle/read books session so that they knew they were okay and I loved them. And then they went to bed. Oy. I think my lack of sleep is catching up to me too. Early bedtimes for us all tonight and hopefully that helps.
Anyway...thats something I'm going to work on...being more thoughtful when I speak.

The boys
So today I have a couple things to be grateful for. My patient and loving kids who can always tell when I'm having a stressful day and give me big hugs. And tell me they love me.
And secondly grateful for the beautiful weather we have been having that allows us to not have to be stuck inside with cabin fever. It makes me think that summertime may actually be on the way which makes me really happy.

And now I'm going to bed in an effort to take off the edge....happy day ya'll...the weekend is upon us!

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