Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pic a Day Challenge

I had a good laugh today at work. Part of my job is going through all the details and completing information where I can. Part of THAT job is trying to determine how to vest a borrower (what a person is considered on title i.e. an unmarried man, a veteran, a married woman, etc). As I was going through the list today I found a gem of a vesting that I'm sure is never ever used anymore, but made me giggle.
If I ever buy a house and I am not married, I totally want to be vested as "A Spinster" hehehe. I decided others don't find it as hilarious as I am, as I ran the idea past a title friend of mine and he just rolled his eyes at me. But I got a good laugh so ha. :)
Oh and if your a guy and want to buy a house...there is the option for "A Bachelor"....just throwing that out there!

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