Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pic Challenge

I'm cheating a little today because technically I didn't take this picture but I did take a picture of the picture.....

Me in Alaska a VERY long time 10 or 11 years ago
{wow i feel old}

I am grateful today that my parents were kind enough to invite Nate to go with them for a visit to my wonderful sister and her family in Alaska. He embarks on the epic adventure tomorrow and is sooo excited. At the moment he can't sleep because he is having a hard time deciding what all to take and seeing how much he can jam into his bag. Its a small bag, he's not getting much further than the essentials and a lovey. We are also charging the iPod so he has something to play on the airplane and he has pinky promised me he will be ultra careful with my camera if I let him take it.
I have got to say, next week is going to be a fairly quiet and lonely week. Nate will be gone until Saturday, Ty is going to be going to his other grandparents house sometime (still TBD) so its just going to be Ry and I for a lot of the week. It will be nice when things are back to normal.

In other news.....Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition is coming back woot woot! I love that show, gives me some insane motivation. If someone who is twice my size can lose weight the normal way, so can I. Sorry random tangent but the commercial just came on :)

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