Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pic Challenge almost done!

Ry and LJ at the "beach"

We are one day away from the pic challenge being done! Crazy to think this month is flying by so quickly. This picture was actually taken on Monday but I love it. And thanks to Instagram it has an awesome filter that makes it look even better. I am grateful for my family, they help me in soo many ways. They listen when I need to talk and seem to know when I need company.

On the moving front, I have been feeling more and more strongly that it is going to be the right thing to do. It's not that far away and it's an opportunity to make more money and better our situation. I'm actually kind of excited about it now instead of nervous. I still have time to decide so there is no rush, however I think it will be what ends up happening. I need to talk to the boys about it still. Tyler and Ry both seem excited but I know Nate might have a hard time with it as he loves going to South for school and has lots of good friends there. I'm going to have to pray hard about that one.

And...I think thats about it right now. It has been a very pleasant day today and I am going to cuddle up under a blanket and watch Dear John now so I can dream about having a guy like my movie star crush Channing Tatem (Ryder would appreciate that as well, since he told me again today that he can't find his dad so I better find him soon. I'm working on it buddy....being patient for the right one to come along). Good night all.

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