Monday, May 14, 2012

May Challenge Catch Up

I need to do a little catch up! I wasn't on the internets for a whole 3 days almost. So here we go.

I am grateful for the fun summer activities that are about to commence, such as snow cones! I love snow cones. Especially when we get them with the family. Its the best activity I can think of. Albeit not the healthiest, but still yummy all the same. It's worth the extra sugary calories.

The Tiki Shack!

I am grateful that I FINALLY had the energy and drive to clean out the boys' drawers. They were overflowing with clothes that weren't worn anymore/too small so Ry and I sent a couple bags full to donation while Nate and Ty were at Fathers and Sons campout with their Grandpa.

The donate pile

Hard to believe it, but I'm actually grateful for my treadmill. I haven't touched it for awhile but tonight I joined the Iron County Weight Loss Challenge and I plan on kicking everyone's trash and winning the pot of money using this bad boy. I lost the most weight when I was running, so I will start that up again. Tonight, finished Week 1 Day 1 of the C25K program.

De treadmill

And last but most definitely not least, as a tribute to Mother's Day, I am grateful for my Mom. She has put up with a whole lot from me throughout the years, since I was just a wee grasshopper in all actuality. She will listen as I rant and rave about the latest things that are bothering me, doesn't think I'm wierd when I randomly call or text her out of nowhere about really random things, and is quick to reassure me when I'm feeling down. She takes on my boys every day after school and teaches them fun things that they will remember for a very long time. They love her very much, as do I.

The handholding chain with Grandma

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