Friday, May 4, 2012

Picture-a-Day 2

Boys watching Chipwrecked
My absolute favorite part of the weekend is when we have movie nights. I love relaxing with my boys. That is why they are my featured picture of the day....I cannot express how much I love them and am grateful to have them in my life. They make the days sooo much better and even when they make me want to pull my hair out, its usually about 10 seconds later that they make me want to scoop them up in a giant hug. There is a reason I call them my loves. They really are.
On the docket for tonight....Pizza with Chipwrecked and We Bought A Zoo. This is called Heaven on Earth I believe.
In other news...I love my job. Seriously. I can't think of a more perfect place for me. My manager and I had a sit down today and planned out the future of my employment at the company. I know I have mentioned it before but it was reaffirmed today that he is awesome. He encouraged getting myself set for promotion and also strongly suggested I finish school. And also reminded me that he believes family is more important than the office, so I need to be sure I'm taking care of them before anything else.
Did I mention that place is perfect for me? I think I finally found my career and I plan on staying there as long as he as need for me, which I hope is a very long time.
Ok off to have a relaxing weekend. And I hope you all do the same!

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