Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pic challenge

We have had a rather uneventful weekend. We were going to do a whole lot, but then I ended up getting sick (my own fault, OD'ed on donuts and had a tummy ache) so we spent most the weekend indoors. But we had fun anyway.

Ry and cousin J on the motorcycles

I promised Ry that we could go on to the carnival, so off we went. We lucked out that Grandma was babysitting cousin J as well, so they came along. I was a little disappointed in the fact that the rides were all 3 tickets so our 20 tickets didn't last long AND that they charged ME for holding on to the kids on the merry-go-round. I wasn't riding for kicks....there weren't seatbelts on the horses. But it was a fundraiser for the Search and Rescue so the money was worth it. Ry and I then had a horrible movie night (we first got Muppets but it wouldn't work so we returned it and got Tin Tin and it skipped the whole movie) but we had chocolate milk and donuts so that made up for it. Until today when my body decided that it didn't like unhealthy food in high doses and I was sick all morning. Ry had a blast though, he hung out with me on my bed and watched cartoons on netflix...and got in brothers room to play with the giant bear.

the $1 yard sale bear...anyone know how to wash a giant bear?

Ryder has also been feeling a little left out that brothers have a mass of legos and they generally don't let him play with them, so he's been saving his allowance and finally had enough to get his very own Lego. He is sooooo proud of that Lego.

firefighter ATV lego just built woohoo

So all in all it was a good weekend all around. Ry was happy to get his Lego and I was happy to get my house clean and laundry done while still having fun and being with the cutest kid ever. I do indeed have handsome little misters now don't I?
And now it's time for bed. Happy weekend all!

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