Friday, May 25, 2012

Pic Challenge (another cheater post)

I didn't technically take the pictures...but I LOVE them! Nate left with Grandpa and Grandma today to head to Alaska. He was soooo excited for the trip. But apparently he was also a bit nervous about the flight. Was it worry over turbulence? Or not landing? Nope....he was worried what the pilot would do if there was a tornado. Oh I love my kid. He is definitely a worrying type, but his worries are a bit humorous sometimes (Am I a bad mom for saying that? Well they are...haha). So here is today's trip via Grandma being nice and sending me pic updates.

Eating a giant shake at Smashburger. Mmmm Smashburger

At the Las Vegas airport

On the plane! He doesn't look the least bit worried....

Walking up the tarmac with Grandpa in Long Beach, CA

Letting the iPod charge playing the iPod at the LB the 4 hr layover

I look forward to seeing what other adventures he embarks on throughout the next week! They will be getting into Alaska rather late (like midnight) so I hope he's okay and can get some sleep for the fun day ahead of them tomorrow. I already miss him like crazy but I'm excited he gets to have a fun adventure!

I also have a pretty big decision that I might need to make in the near future. Still don't know if it is a for sure thing, the details are being worked out, but it will definitely involve some heavy praying (pray for me pleeeeassee?) as it would involve moving. The opportunity will be a wonderful one if it comes to be, but as the night goes on I get more and more nervous to leave my safe little haven here. I rely on my support network pretty heavily, so not having my family readily available to visit with would be kind of tough. Granted, we would be a 45 minute drive away so it's not horrible, but things definitely would not be as convenient as now. I guess we shall see what happens. It might be good for me to have to learn how to build relationships with others better....or learn to rely on others besides my family for help. And there is definitely a bigger demographic of single people there. I guess we will see what happens.
More on that later if it becomes a possibility.

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