Sunday, May 6, 2012

Picture a day blessings

Ryders plant from daycare
Why do I have a pic of a cup with greens? Because as I get ready for my day tomorrow, I have to remember how grateful I am to have such a wonderful daycare. Truly, my kids wouldn't be as smart and fulfilled if I were trying to do it all on my own. Their teachers have raved about how smart and ahead of the game my boys are and I know without a doubt that I had nothing to do with that, it was the focus that daycare has always given on education. Not to mention they have taken care of myself and my kids by secret gifts to each of the boys, food baskets during the holidays....just so much that they didn't have to do but wanted to because they care. I love them, every single one, and can never express my thanks enough for their generosity.

On to Sunday. Church was lovely. The testimonies of the ward members are always interesting but sometimes very helpful to me. We spent the hour in the foyer since there was 2 baptism confirmations and a baby blessing so even though we were right on time, there was no room. But it worked out okay. I sat by friend again in Sunday School and no, there was no Angry Bird music this Sunday thankfully. I think we did have an enjoyable time however. Friend is very kind and has a way of boosting my confidence. I appreciate that a ton. I kind of look forward to seeing how this friendship works out. Lunch is on the docket this week as well and I look forward to it.

Well I hope you all have a lovely week and remember your blessings! Xo

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