Tuesday, May 3, 2011


After work last night we decided to go at it FHE style. We had some BBQ chicken with potatoes and corn for dinner, then discussed some new family rules after a song. The new rule? Momma is tired of hearing "I didn't do it! It wasn't me!" So from here on out in my household, if someone says that when I asked what happened...they take automatic blame. If no one comes forward, then EVERYONE gets to bare the consequence. And if the person who did do it comes forward, they will still recieve a consequence but I will go easy on them. Hopefully this helps.
Also as part of our FHE, I have decided to go through Nate's scout book and help him pass stuff off. So we did 4 achievements last night. Afterwards, we went and got a smoothie then walked to the park. Yes walked to the park. This is not something I would've done 3 months ago.

Nate was trying to give me a "tough" look. Didn't quite work out all that well.

Ry was having a cause of "Mommas Luck" and tripped like 5 times while at the park.
I quite liked this 'twilight' lookin picture...not the vampire twilight but the twilight like right before the sun goes down.

I've been thinking about my weight loss and even though its kinda like DUR you shoulda known that A LONG TIME AGO I'm realizing that to get my full potential going...I can't be lazy. I have to push myself and I will only get out of it what I put in. I know thats just a general rule, but in my mind I figure if I just eat right and do some walkin I'll drop some poundage. Which is true. But I could be doing so much more...so much faster! So I decided to go suck it up and run OUTSIDE. Not go easy on myself and go inside. And it was fantastic. I did 3 loops around my complex/street which is .55 miles. So I pretty much did a little over 1.5 miles last night. I didn't run the whole thing, but I'd jog one street then walk the next and repeat that pattern...and by loop 2ish my lungs had stopped burning. It was awesome. I want to add one loop around every week or sooner if I feel I can handle it. Then the 5k in T minus 3 weeksish. I'm excited. For once...I'm saying BRING IT ON!

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