Friday, May 13, 2011

Graduating and A Beautiful Moment

De Cute Lil Guys
 I am soo very proud of Tyler...he graduated from Kindergarten on Wednesday. He is such a great little boy and I am soo happy to have him as my son. Sorry for the awesomeness of my phone...I need to get more batteries for my camera.
Anyway...the night was a whirlwind. I had forgotten to put stuff in the crockpot for dinner that day so I had to speed home and find something to make... we ended up with stroganoff (rice-a-roni style) and ground beef. It was wierdly good though. Tyler also didn't have any clean nice clothes...we we were trying to wash/dry those in the 1 1/2 hr time frame we had. Then...of course...Mr Anti-Potty decided to stink up the house and I was out of normal pull-ups. It was 6:45 pm. It takes 15 minutes to get to his school. He was supposed to be there at 6:45. Blast.
Grandma saved the day and met us in front of the school...changed Ryders diaper at her house (and apparently had a great time driving my car) and allowed us to be on time to the program. Thank you to her for that. Much appreciated. Pictures as follows....

Ry Decided To Join Tyler On Stage


Tyler and his Teacher Mrs Wood

Yesterday, I had an early morning flying to Salt Lake. I had a meeting at the Federal Reserve building at it was awesome. There were a whole lot of fantastic people from all different jobs...FDIC, Fed Reserve, VPs of banks, CEOs of companies, etc. Lots of very awesome people. It was a really good time. And the food... amazing. And totally the murderer of my points for the day. But it was soo worth it. It ran over though, so I wasn't able to make the early flight I was hoping for. Instead...I had to go for the 8 pm flight. So to kill time I decided to walk around and found....

Fountain Outside of Church Office Building

SLC Temple. Absolutely Beautiful
Beehive House Flower Gardens

I had been on the grounds during high school at Christmas time, and it was amazing then. But there were sooo many flowers and fountains there. It was stunning. And so peaceful. Despite having loads of people walking around and 3 weddings going was quiet and serene. Like nothing I've ever experienced. I was sooo happy I was able to go there and enjoy it on such a beautiful day as well. It was well worth the trip.

After that...I met up with a friend for some dinner at Texas Roadhouse where I once again killed my points but it was worth it...then flew home. And went home and slept hard. It truly was a great day.

On another note...I'm thinking that my weigh in is going to be pathetic tomorrow. I haven't done well this week. I'm losing steam. I need to get moving though, because I know that as soon as I get another good weigh in I'll be all hyped up.

But...I also had a wonderful experience at this meeting. People I had seen at other trainings but hadn't ever approached me were reaching out. Asking where I knew them from and how I'm doing. Even had a guy from who knows where that I swear kept glancing at me from time to time. I don't know how much credit to put towards that...but it was still a booster for me. was sooo nice on the airplane not to worry about the seatbelts. I was able to clasp it and tighten alittle. That makes me sooo happy. Its those fantastic little things.

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