Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Highlights and some thoughts

I quite like having the boys here for the weekend I've decided. I'll summarize and say the two definite highlights were swimming at the Aquatic Center (thanks for inviting us Betsy!) and cooking dinner Sunday. We had an all out Chinese food feast that was delicious. My favorite new thing that I tried were the lettuce wraps. I definitely have a new favorite. It was really fun to be able to cook with my family, something that doesn't happen a whole lot.

Oh! Make that 3 highlights of the weekend. I weighed in on Saturday and lost another 3 lbs. Which means I'm down 18.8 lbs....well on my way to my Disneyland goal! I'm excited to be dropping the weight, and I've been given some extra motivation to keep it going and see how much I can do each week. However, I still am not feeling like I'm losing weight. I'm not seeing it and the only difference I've noticed thus far is that my favorite pair of undies are a smidge too big now. Which is good...but still. I think this process is teaching me to have patience.

On other thoughts...I have also had a first hand experience as to how Satan works and why I struggle sometimes. I was studying some paperwork I received at church about parenting and our roles in the church and in our household, and was studying some scriptures that went with it. The further I got into it, the harder I had to focus on what I was studying and the more I was getting absolutely bombarded with thoughts like "This isn't true, this isn't worth the work. Whats going to happen when you are miserable trying to perfect yourself and you have nothing to show for it? This can't make you happy. This won't make you happy. It's too hard and not worth it." These thoughts were accompanied by some very suffocating feelings. This is truly the first time I've been able to seperate myself and see what is really going on. But I also read a good scripture during the course of these thoughts that pretty much stated that if we can truly have a change of heart and give our faith in Christ completely, the temptations and grief that Satan is giving will die down or cease completely. This gives me hope that I won't always have those intense badgering feelings if I can just get over this little stretch of road.

And lastly...Osama Bin Laden is dead. After 10 years he has been captured and is now dead. I'm happy that his reign of terror is now done, however I can't help but think that this will go one of two ways. Either Al Quida will disband without their fearless leader, or they will get really mad and take revenge on us. I have a feeling it will be the second option sadly, but I hope I'm wrong.

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