Friday, May 6, 2011


I have officially gotten a full blown sore throat/cough thing. I really think its a sign from the exercise goddesses that either A. I should give up or B. I need to forge through and show myself I can do this. I'm hoping B is the right answer cause thats what I'm doing.
In other news...I just need a venting session about my job. As most know, I work for a non-profit organization that I absolutely love. I love my job, I love where I work, I love my co-workers. I DON"T love the Lenders I deal with day in and day out. When I first started, they were really nice. A couple months ago I had an awesome streak of approvals. Now...they are getting cut throat and harsh. So far I've had Lenders tell people they are worthless liars, that they tried to help the homeowners but the homeowners didn't feel the need to help back (so untrue), that their attempts in modifying and helping were FUTILE. Seriously...the letter said FUTILE. And the day after that letter showed up, the denial letter showed up. I just don't understand whats going on. I really don't. It went from a fairly easy in with Lenders to them doing anything possible to string out the process and find any reason possible to deny. I truly just don't get it.
On a happy note....congrats to my sis-in-law Betsy for being honored in the Festival City newsletter thing. We love you and I'm happy your hard work could get acknowledged!

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