Friday, May 27, 2011


Over at One Twenty Five (a fitness blog that I came upon while reading Ben Does Life), she is posing the Operation 5km, 5 lbs, 30 Day Challenge. I'm in! Starting on Wednesday June 1, 2011, I will be starting this challenge. The goal is to lose 5 lbs and/or be able to run a 5k in 30 days. I'm pretty excited. This is a jump start I need to improving my 5k. I'm rather excited and look forward to starting it! So here it is. I PLEDGE AND COMMIT TO LOSE 5 LBS AND RUN A 5K IN 30 DAYS! (I'm over-achieving)

As she says..."...5 pounds and a 5k, are you willing to make sacrifices? It’s 30 days of your life, food and the couch will be waiting for you in July."
"No one will lose your weight for you, so why not start now? Let’s get sexy for Summer 2011 and do something good for ourselves for one, simple, month."

Come on my faithful readers (hello? hello? anyone out there........ hehe :P) I challenge those of you who are feelin the slump. It's only 30 days and it will be awesome. Ditch the last (or first...or middle) 5 lbs and get in shape. If your not a runner, then just shoot for the 5 lbs. If your not worried about weight but want to run, just shoot for the 5k. If neither apply...then just make a commitment to be healthy! Either way....get it done! I will be jogging and following my Weight Watchers plan. At One Twenty Five she is following a Paleo program (not sure what that is) and is creating a training guide. But go check her blog and see if its good for you. Or just follow the basic food pyramid we all know and love. Whatever works. Just get it done.

I'm committed! Are you?!

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