Monday, May 16, 2011


I'm a bit frustrated.

I know I pushed myself too hard when I was running the mileage and now I have sore knees and shin splints. Hoorah for me. Well...last week I didn't exercise much cause I was hurting and on top of that, I didn't eat all that splendidly. And....I gained 4 lbs this week. GAINED 4 LBS. I think I kinda gave up this week too. After pushing so hard the previous week and gaining the 0.2 lbs when I know I should've lost weight...I kinda fueled down. I've seen this in myself before....this is the point where normally I cut my losses and stop working at it. I can't do that this time though. It's been proven to me that I can do this I just need to re-dedicate myself. Which I will.

Also...Since I started the running outside I had funky sore throat issues. The sore throat has gone...but now I have swollen glands and it really reminds me of the double ear infection thing I had a couple months ago where I literally couldn't function. So I've been taking an antibiotic and rubbing this lavender peppermint oil stuff on it that my mom swears by...and yesterday I could swallow better but this morning not so much. I hope I can curve the infection before it gets too bad.

On a positive note...
Friday night was alot of fun. My friend Aleta called up and asked if I wanted to go to the singles dance with her. I figured we went and it was dead. boys there. All girls. So we left and decided to go to the 222 salute/fundraiser. It was sooo much fun. And we even got in the mosh pit. We saw a good friend Bonnie and her boyfriend there, and it truly was just a whole ton of fun.
Saturday was the horrendous weigh in. However the meeting was great. So I'm now re-motivated to do good this week. For lunch, I treated (all but $2) my parents to some Garden House for lunch. I'd gotten a gift certificate and since I'm being loserish at the moment and didn't have anyone to go with...I invited them. And I'm happy I did, it was really a good time. And the soup was amazing!
Sunday was a great day at church. Ry went to primary by himself for the first time, and I didn't mess up too bad on playing piano in relief society. Then dinner was delicious requested lettuce wraps again. Really, it was fantastic.

So besides the funky swollen glands and the weight gain...the weekend went well. I hope everyone else is having a good weekend as well!

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