Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ummmm OW.

So I think I went at it a bit too hard with my running. My knees and shins hurt all day yesterday. If this pain had been in my muscles it would've been different, but where it was joints and such I decided I better slow down. I have been reading about the program Couch to 5k and have decided I'm going to start with their training program. I had tried to incorporate it with my ww training program...but it was not working well. It also won't help me with this 5k coming up in a couple weeks, but I think its going to transition my body a lot easier. Its a 9 week program that gets you from being not active at all to running a 5k (target time would be 30 minutes). Honestly...I think its doable. I'm rather excited.
I completed the first workout last night and it was great. Today my knees aren't hurting nearly at all, shins aren't hurting, and I feel fantastic. I think I'm going to keep up with it and see how it goes. Might not give me the steller weigh in that I want...but oh well. I'd rather take it slow than be going all gung ho and injure myself. And if I add in some muscle toning stuff as well during the "off days" then hopefully I will still manage to lose some poundage. I think this will be good. I'm kinda excited. Lets get r done.

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  1. I thought about following that program. It does seem like it can be done. Not sure I will ever actually run where others can see me. Who knows, we shall see. Good luck my dear, and keep it up. You are doing amazing. :)