Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day pictures! (a grayson pic too...just as a warning)

Friday was a monumental day for me. It truly was. may ask? Because I really really did NOT want to exercise. But I decided to anyway and guess what happened? I was able to jog 2 MILES without stopping! I've never done that in my entire life! I am proud...and it gives me some serious motivation to do better. Not to mention I was in full belief I'd have an awesome weigh in after accomplishing something so great.   
 Well....all my hopes of a great weigh in were crushed. Abolished. Totally crashed out into oblivion. I GAINED 0.2 lbs. To many it wouldn't be a huge deal...but this de-rails my goal of losing poundage before Disneyland. It seemed like an awesome week too, which has be scratching my head. But I'm going to strive to do better this week and see where it goes. So anyway...on to the weeekend.

I was feeling cabin feverish and was planning on going out of town this weekend to somewhere, anywhere... when my sis-in-law Betsy mentioned going to St George. I was all sorts of in like flynn. We left about 1 and went to her mothers house where we went swimming. Ryder had such a good time....he loved his floaty Betsy had gotten him, and loved being able to catch Jackers in his floaty. It was such a great swim. (I didn't have my phone right then...or I would've taken pictures) After burning some time we went to Cracker Barrel with Mom and Dad which was fantastic. I had a cute picture of him sitting on a rocking chair...but this blogger deal is being retarded. So there ya go. We then decided to make a detour to the Sweet Tooth Fairy (I'd never been there) and oh boy is that a dangerous place.  

Soooo many to choose from!


Awww cupcake heaven!

On our way home, Ryder fell asleep and stayed alseep until about 11:00 pm when he woke up with a case of Croup sooo bad that he couldn't breath. He was literally gasping for breath and his heart rate was no joke about 170 beats/min. It was scary for me. All the kids have had Croup before but we have been able to manage it with cold air until morning for a doc appointment. This was serious though. So we went into the ER and they were really nice. They took good care of him and at around 2:00 am we got to go home...and Ry was good and breathing again. So that was very nice. 

 Sunday was Mother's Day. We had a realitively calm day. Me and Ryder slept in for quite awhile, since we'd both had a long night and then waited for brothers to come back. We then went to church and it wasn't until there was a super cute newborn little boy in the row in front of me during Sunday school that not having Grayson here got to me. I cried. Not like, crazy noticably because that would've been embarassing. But tears and runny nose. I gathered my composure however and was able to play piano in Relief Society. I also have an appointment with my bishopric on Tuesday...not sure why....
After that was dinner at the parents house. I was ornery and kinda bummed and Ryder was being a pill all of a sudden, so I let Grandma give her Grandma loves for a while before I attempted to deal with him. Playing the piano has always been a good stress reliever so I attempted that and cried some more...but it did make me feel better.
After a tasty dinnner, the boys and I decided to go put flowers on some of the baby graves at the cemetary. Even though it was FREEZING cold and really windy. It was worth it. And a good end to the night.

So for Grayson...happy birthday my darling. It was a bittersweet Mother's Day for me, but I know that your little life impacted mine the way it needed to, and everything is part of His bigger plan. I can't wait to see you again. I love you and I hope you had a great birthday as well.


  1. chills...chills...chills... great post. And, I'll keep good thoughts for you for tonight!! And I had a great time too. That pictue of Ry's face oh, that made me smile. Hardly justice to the real thing! heehe

  2. Thanks Betsy :) I appreciate you so very much and count myself lucky to have you in my life!