Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Big Girl...Your Beautiful!

Heres the dish on our family as of late.

I am STILL trying to potty train Ry. He hates it at preschool...hates it at home....hates it everywhere. Except for Sunday when we put Cheerios in the potty and I let him try to aim and shoot. It didn't work. Nothing came out. But it did make him want to go potty. We spent a good part of the morning just sitting on the potty chatting. Maybe this means we are getting closer?
I've had an ongoing sore throat turned into swollen gland thing since starting to run outside. Maybe there isn't a relation...but I don't think it was just a coincidence. Anyway...mom gave me some essential oils to help it feel better. Well its not getting worse, but I still can't swallow without wincing. I swear...I better get well soon.

I was finally able to go shopping yesterday and stock up on some good food. So the week of fantastic eating and exercising...commences. I passed up a donut at lunch, a sweet treat at work and as much as I wanted to chow and munch last night...I didn't. I think I'm making progress...or at least getting back to my awesomeness of the first week. I REALLY need to get back on track with my weight loss. Disneyland isn't going to wait for me to lose the chub!

I just saw a video Big Girl (You are beautiful) that cracks me up. Seriously. The guy is singing about how big girls are beautiful too. It made me feel kinda happy inside. Then I read down some of the comments and the happy feeling went away. Boy are people judgemental. I agree...its not all together healthy to be overweight (or obese) and thats the reason I'm trying to lose (well we can't ignore the fact that I want to look better too). But girls ARE beautiful at any size. And I wish guys (no offense to the ones who are NOT like this) would get a grip and look past the size 2 waist and the super model physique. I guess my point of this whole rant...is that I should feel beautiful how I am but I really can't wait until I stop being "you have a beautiful face" and start being "you are beatiful". I know...its vain of me...but it is what it is.

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