Tuesday, May 10, 2011


 I have been very motivated as of late. Very. I'm not sure why...maybe an added confidence that I can indeed accomplish what I strive to do? Where in the past I gave up easily? Maybe so. Who knows. But non-the-less.... I am very excited for this new chapter of my life. I feel like I'm finally taking control and manuvering it the way I would like...and I'm finally "growing up" so to speak. And I think tonight is going to be slightly pinnacle in this growing up deal. One of the bishopric stopped me at church and asked if he could meet with me sometime this week....my guess is for a calling. Except I think this is the divine intervention I needed for some other things to happen and assist in the whole universe aligning as well. So I'm scared to death, absolutely scared to death. But I'm feeling at peace about it as well. Anyway...only a handful of people will know what I'm even talking about but those that do just may be leaping (?) for joy....or saying FINALLY! in their heads. Anyway. On to the rest of my post. We had a delicious dinner of Catalina Chicken with rice and veggies. I love using the boys' plates because I feel like I have WAY more food than I do. Regardless, it was very tasty.
Afterwards, we had our family night. I've made a goal to work on scout stuff with Nate every FHE so thats what we did. We completed an entire achievement (the physical fitness one I'll have you know) during family home evening. It was a whole lot of fun for everyone and I think it meant alot to Nate as well that we all wanted to help him achieve his goals.
I again...did not want to run. And had slacked Saturday and Sunday by overeating and not exercising. So I figured I better just get it done. It was ALOT harder to endure the 2 miles. Seriously...I've learned a valuable lesson. If you slack and don't run for a day or two, your endurance suffers. No more slacking. So to make up for it...I pushed myself to go 2.5 miles and I did it! But only with the help of my ipod. I have never appreciated that thing more. 2 pumped up songs came on and I was able to bust out the final 1/2 mile that I had been struggling with. I'm thinking it will be a must do have that during the 5k.
And...the proof is in the pudding. Ignore the fact that it took me 50 minutes to accomplish. Granted 5 minutes of that was cool down but still. Thats not good. My goal, however, is to do 2.5 miles every night this week and increase to 3 miles next week to prepare for May 21. Then I hopefully won't die while running. Since I've never ran a race before...I don't have a PR (personal record) in which to break but my goal is to finish in less than 60 minutes. Even that is pretty sad...but I'm taking baby steps. Speaking of which....come one come all. May 21 at 10:00 am is the official/not so official 5k Walk It Challenge for Weight Watchers. Come walk, strut, jog, or run with us! I've heard they are timing but its not official enough to have numbers assigned. And its a stroller friendly 5k. You don't have to sign up...just be there. Show up and get your exercise on. I'll be there. So will my jogging buddy. So come say hi. :)

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