Monday, April 2, 2012


Holy crap it's already April. This is going to be an ultra busy month. We have...

*Easter of course, of which it will be just me and Ry. Sad days...but we will try to have fun without brothers.
*Last month of school WOOHOO!
      *But...that means ultra busy homework schedule and finals. Booooo!
*Currently working two jobs. The one I was hired for and also training for the processing/assistant job I will be transitioning into. Oh and training a new guy. It's proving to be quite a bit of work. But I still LOVE it!
*The legal crap with the ex will {hopefully!} be over soon...more on what is prompting that later but will most likely {hopefully!} all come to pass this month.

It doesn't sound like much....but homework alone takes about 3 hours of my night every night. add that with 9 hrs at work/school plus my parenting duties and that doesn't leave much free time.

I'm going to work on my de-frumping again this month too. In an effort to better my "package"....I'm going to make sure I wake up early enough to actually do my hair at least 4 times per week. I'd say every day, but that would just be a joke..

I also think I have all of the emotional crap that was bogging me down sorted out for the most part, so I'm going to try to get my butt moving on the de-chub project as well. a goal summary.....

1. Get all homework and tests done before their due dates this month
2. Work out legal crap
3. Hair De-Frump hair at least 4 x week.
4. Fat De-Chub challenge....stay under cals every day and exercise at least 30 minutes 6 x week.

Yeeehaw April...You are going to be a busy month. Bring it on!

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