Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Made me chuckle

So I read over my post from Sunday and I had to laugh a little. I was obviously distracted since I said I got my hair cut because I love my family or something of that sort. Friend was here and I was trying to hurry though. So I had to chuckle a little when I re-read it.
I also had my weigh in today for Herbalife. I only lost a pound since last week, however I lost a cumulative 5 inches from my body. All parts measured lost between .25lb - 1 lb pretty consistantly. I'm excited for that. I have a few things I'm going to tweak this week and see if I can beat my number next week. Crossing fingers!
I also did hair challenge but forgot to take a picture, and then we did Zumba tonight so my hair is all messed up now. But its all good. It was inspired by this.......

via pinterest
.....except I braided my bangs to the side. Of course it didn't turn out this cute, but I tried. I really need to work on my hair styling skills. There are sooo many cute hairstyles out there that I'm dying to try but just don't work out well. Need practice maybe?

I've finally gotten all the way onboard with Academy as a Loan Processor. I will be working part time with my current job and part time with that one until sometime in May. I'm excited to move over, but I'm also going to miss my current job. And I won't make money as quickly with the Academy job, but I think it will be the best move in the long term. This is more of a career than just a job like the other would've been and there is opportunity to move up in the Company. My long term goal is to become a LOA (Loan Officer Assistant).

So that is whats up right now. We are happy and getting healthy, and I feel like things are finally settling down in place again which is a wonderful feeling.

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