Monday, April 9, 2012


We had a fun Easter all in all. The weekend was good, very relaxing. And quiet without the boys. But good all the same. Although I was rather excited to have them home on Sunday.
The Easter Bunny went a little more all out than normal, it's no good going to different stores to get stuff because you lose track of how much you spend. Not good. But it was worth it. This is kind of a backwards in time....but it works.

The cousins after finding eggs




The Easter Bunny had to find a way to drop stuff to the boys without a Ryder messing with on the beds they went. And the Easter Bunny was kinda messy with the candy. The boys loved it.

Ry eating his goods after he found his Easter Bunny treats
It was a fun Sunday. I really enjoyed myself and I will tell you is SOO nice to have the boys home. Even with their crazyness, I missed them a bunch. Time to get back to the norm.

No hair challenge today either....I tried but some days are just off hair days. I really did attempt to make it pretty but it wasn't happening. So in a ponytail it went. Tomorrow is a new day we'll see how it goes.

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