Friday, April 6, 2012

Super Hair!

I am sooo very excited to be linking up with my bloggy friend Mutant Supermodel for April's hair challenge! Challenges are always fun when you do them as a group and she has had the ingenius idea to challenge lots of people to join in and share their pretty 'dos. Yay!
So for today...I went with a pony but tried to dress it up a little with headbands. I've decided that even though it's not's different from the norm so it counts. And I plan on counting anything different from the norm as a success.
Seriously...what is up with that shnoze? I truly never realized I had a big nose until now.

I have a whole lot of hair tutorials and stuff that I find ideas for hairstyles on, so I will be sure to share when I use them as well.

On to other things, I have to admit I'm rather lonely tonight. I spent the morning at work and the afternoon with family, but wasn't looking forward to coming home. Do you ever have those days? Ry is out like a light, so I don't really have anyone to play with and I'm stuck at home so I can't even go get supplies to be crafty or go see a movie or whatever. That loneliness extends to wishing I had someone here to spend time with (like a guy....). I've been doing better with that guy thing...but tonight it's pretty bad. Someday...hopefully.
So off I go to do some homework, probably clean the house, maybe look up and practice lovely hair ideas...


  1. I'm having fun with it too. I went with a simple headband too but like you said-- it's not the norm. I'm going to peruse that other blog you put up tonight for some tutorials.

  2. It really does have great hairstyles! I have one more blog I'm going to post soon...she is a friend from high school who is now a big time stylist in NY. She has great she will probably be up next. Love it!