Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hair Challenge and a busy day

Hair Challenge! It was a miracle I actually did my hair today...I woke up REALLY late and just did a fast do. I'm loving braids lately to get my bangs out of my face (growing them out is driving me crazy) and mix that with the wierd/whacky weather we've been made me not want to do anything too special. It would probably just get screwed up within seconds of going outside.
And I forgot to take pics at home, so you get a view of my messy desk at work as well. Anyway.
Here go.

Back bun

Side braid
Today was insanely busy. I screwed up during the processing part of my morning, but I guess thats how you learn right? I definitely won't be making that mistake again. We were also having internet issues which effects our printing/scanning capabilities and that made for a lot of trips up and down the stairs....yay for exercise! Our new people for the second job have been on fire lately, so that also makes me insanely busy. But I LOVE it. I am never without something to do. Granted on days like today when I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, I bring work home. But its nice, gives me something to do at night. And with that....I must go do my homework and then get back to work.
Oh...and its almost the weekend! Yay! My house needs a good cleaning job so I'm pretty excited for that. And my Herbalife will be in on Monday, so even more of a reason to be excited. Woot woot! Have a good night ya'll.

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