Thursday, April 26, 2012

Whats Shakin Bacon?

Today has been an all around blah day. It started with us waking up late so we had to rush and rush to get everywhere on time. I've decided that I need to move somewhere close to daycare. Or the kids' school. I've been doin the same commute for many years now and I'm getting tired of having to leave the house a 1/2 hr before I have to be to work. I know I know,  I should be grateful that I live in a small enough town that my commute isn't longer, but geez. Work was good, except that I screwed up a couple things, internet is not working still and it took me a really long time to get caught up. We were going to play church basketball tonight but I didn't have it in me. Instead we went to Chamber mixer open house thing at a fantastic little sandwich shop here where we ate a really unhealthy dinner.
And tonight I get to catch up on my Law homework (last module woohoo!), take a two tests and submit two papers, work on my speech outline and figure out what else I need to do before the semester ends.
On the plus math class is officially done (except for the final) so no more nightly math homework.

Another big decision I've been having to stay in school or not to stay in school? I've decided to take a break this upcoming semester so that I can get a handle on my job. I'm not handling the stress of school and work well so it's time to eliminate one of them until I can get a handle on things. I will be finishing, it will just take a little longer than planned. I've think this will be the best decision for me though.

And here comes the hair challenge. Since I was in a rush, I did a good "haven't washed my hair today" hairstyle. I think its going to turn into my new fall back style.

Pony with two headbands. And Ry wanted in on the random picture obviously.
I really need to get some more accessories for my hair, but that will have to come later when I'm feeling a little richer.

Oh...and people! Whats going on? I need some takers for the homemade challenge. You, yes you. Please do it? Please?

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