Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hair and Herbalife...again

I did the headband hair wrapping thing again and it came out a little better this time. I did have to monkey around with the top layers of my hair and used a 1 in curling iron to add some finishing touches, but otherwise it was nice and hassle free. No product used except for a small dash of hairspray.
Dunno whats going on with the facial expression...lol

side view
I loved it, but the curls only stayed for about 5 hours today. Might have to use more hairspray next time.

On another note, I officially start my Herbalife regime tomorrow. I did my weigh in and measurements tonight. I have a whole lot of hope for this....I need something quick and easy to follow and this is a great program. Not to mention it is sponsored by all sorts of sports associations and backed by some 80 doctors. Soo...I'm giving it a month. If I don't see results in the the next month, then I will chalk it up to a good try. I have a good feeling about it though. I've seen several friends lose and maintain using the program. Crossing fingers.

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