Monday, April 16, 2012

Hair again!

After my hair settled down a tad...I actually decided I really liked the results of the hair twisty experiment. I'm going to try it again tonight after I shower to see if I can devise the right size curl I'm after. is what it looked like after...
I'm obviously having fun playing with my phone filters...they are kinda neat.
I like a relaxed wavy curl more than tight curls. I'm gonna try to get that first shot tonight.

I also have to share my favorite picture from Sunday.
The boys and Jackers
This was at Jackers birthday party. They love their cousin so much. We were happy to be able to share his birthday with and the rest of our family!

Ok thats it today...short and sweet post I know. I've got a whole lot to do tonight though and am working on getting to bed early for once. We shall see if that happens.

And tomorrow....Herbalife begins!

Gnite ya'll!

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