Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hair Challenge and Herbalife

Today was a better day than yesterday. Ultra busy...of course....but good. The boys had a dentist appointment and all are in perfectly clean tooth health which is good. I also learned a lesson in listening to that gut feeling. We were running late and Ty forgot his jacket. Generally I'd get frustrated and skip going back for the jacket...but today I let him run up and try to find it. Good thing too....what started as a reasonably nice day (the high yesterday was 73 degrees) turned into 103485830 mph winds and rain. Happy I listened to that gut feeling or he woulda froze to death. Now if only I woulda listened to my gut and grabbed a coat for myself. Needless to say, I was freezing in my short sleeve shirt and flip flops as I ran to class from the parking lot in BFE (middle of nowhere for those not familiar with the term)
Hair challenge started okay, hair down with curls....and the wind and rain pretty much ruined that. I didn't get a good before picture sadly. I need to remember to do that every morning. But you can kinda tell its curled...kinda.

On to the Herbalife portion. Feeling blah...I decided to get on the Herbalife bandwagon. A lot of my friends have been doing it and feel more energetic, healthy and have lost weight (or gained, if that was the goal). Lots of athletes use it and they sponsor all sorts of sports leagues, so I figure that is a good sign.We shall see. I'm giving it a month. If I do okay, I will keep it up. If not, I will chalk it up to a good try. There isn't much too it, so I think it will be okay. We shall see. Anyway....time to get to work. Literally. Got a mess of stuff to catch up on from work. This two job deal is keeping me extra busy. I love it...but need to catch up. Night ya'll.

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