Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Challenge day and DoTERRA

I accomplished my goal today of doing my hair. Its nothing huge, but at least I did it. And I do got to say I felt a little uplifted and not so much like an ugly duckling today....so its having a positive effect I think.
The braid with big curls duo

After work I got to Grandpa and Grandma's house to pick up the older boys and Nate was climbing the tree out front. It took me back to all of the days as a kid that my best friend and I would sit up in that tree for hours and watch people walk under, see who could spit the biggest and race "rhinos" down (those seed pod things that have gooey white stuff in them and you can stick them on your nose hehe). We had a lot of fun. It also made me aware that I'm getting older and older as the days goes on. Yay.
That fork in the tree was my favorite sitting spot

Then tonight we went to a DoTERRA Essential Oils class at my SIL Betsy's house. Her and my mom have been using oils for quite awhile now and they seem to help them. I think I'm still more skeptical. I hate medication though and pretty much refuse to take it unless I absolutely need to, so this is a good way to help ease challenges naturally. The teacher, Ashley, put some "boy oil" on my boys and it seemed to calm them right down. And tonight I put lavender on their feet before bedtime and they were out like a light....and it worked a little too well on me as I almost didn't have the energy to do my homework (it relaxed me too much). So...there may be something to this oil thing.
I also had a Compass report thing done that tests biofeedback and found out my baseline markers are on the high end of normal reading at 37 (markers that are out of whack)....and gave suggestions to help me get my bio-marker things in order with some oils specifically for that purpose.

DO-Breathe would take care of 14 of those out of whack markers. This oil is a respiratory blend that helps when you have a could or seomthing of that sort. Makes sense, since I've had a runny nose/cough thing for about a week.
DO-White Fir would take care of 8 marker things. It helps relieve and soothe muscle aches and pains.
DO-Coriandor would take care of 6 marker things. It has various uses that range from digestive support to supporting a healthy insulin response.
DO-Alpha CRS+ is suggested to help with cellular polification and lifespan and is used  as a dietary supplement.
DO-Fennel-suggested to help with digestive issues, relieve indigestion, and support healthy functions of the stomach.
DO-AromaTouch is suggested to help calm down, increase circulation, and just be able to relax.
DO-Oregano is a cleansing agent that helps get rid of bad toxins in the body and is the "big gun" for relief when your sick.
DO-DigestZen- helps balance the digestive system.

All of them also have (positive) effects on emotional stuff or the feel good stuff as well. I really think I'm going to start baby steps and try a couple to help relieve some of my aches and pains. And I'm definitely going to invest in the lavender and the boy oil, they worked wonders.

So thats the day. And now I'm going to give in to the lavender and go to bed. G'nte ya'll


  1. Oooh I was thinking of making hair a focus for April's De-Frumpiness Project!

  2. You should do it! Your poll gave me good ideas on future challenges too. :)