Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday and Hair Day

Sunday was everything I had hoped it would be. I do have to say it was kind of a fun day in all reality. It started out not great as we were 20 minutes late for church, but we sat in the foyer to listen to the talks and I ended up striking up a what I think may be a great friendship with a person in my ward. We have had some fairly similar experiences in life and it really was great to have someone there to talk to. We ended up spending the rest of church hanging out in classes. And made a new at which I'm sure I will shake my head at every time it gets brought up (which it has since haha). We were in class and he had an IPad that he was reading the scriptures on. He could tell I was intrigued so he let me play around with it (those things are awesome btw, I want one some day). And then, smack in the middle of a quiet moment in class I hit the wrong button and Angry Birds music blared from the IPad. I about died of embarrassment. Luckily our class is like a giant family and so everyone got a good laugh about it, but it was sure embarrassing.
During the quiet time today, Ryder decided he was done with pants. And eventually a shirt. He was not fond of me taking pictures today, so this one doesn't do justice to him sliding around in his socks with a button down and undies on....with the American Flag blow up machine gun. It was pretty awesome. But I did manage to get this one that still made me smile.

Oh my dear Ry haha

I unfortunately had to miss family dinner, which was a sad thing today as we went to the park to eat dinner. But I ended up going to a women's meeting at the church instead. There were a few things I took away with me. First, as women we need to quit feeling like we are not Good Enough. I know personally that I tend to think about how much I envy so and so because they dress in the cutest clothes, they have a beautiful house, they have perfect family, etc etc. When in reality that person is probably thinking the same thing about someone else. Instead, we need to realize that if we are trying to do the best we can, we are good enough. This doesn't mean to settle or stop growing, it just means to make sure we realize that we are good people. We are striving to be the best we can be and that needs to be good enough.
The second thing I took away was one statement in particular. Once time is gone, it's gone. We can't take back a second/minute/hour/day/month/year that has passed. Our time is valuable. Once its gone, its gone for good. So what are we doing with our time? It was kind of unsettling to me because I had never thought of time in that context. How much time do I waste with the most trivial things? How much time in my children's lives am I missing when I choose to play a game on my phone or play the computer when they are right there in front of me. Why am I not sitting down and playing legos with them? No I may not enjoy every single thing that they choose to do with their time, but that doesn't mean I should not participate. Granted I can't spend every minute of our free time with them, that would not be conducive to their learning and growth. But I do need to spend more quality time with them, if for nothing else to show them that I care and am interested in their lives. And of course, I got a dose of comfort when the head of the meeting gave a shout out to single parents, letting us know that we are loved and thought about within the church and that they understand (in part) the struggles that can go along with single parenting.

And with that, I move on to the hair challenge. Since I got ready in record time (It took me a whole 15 minutes from bed to out the door (or at least trying to get kids out the door) woooooohoooooo) I did not do much with my hair. Quick ponytail. I have to admit, I'm not particularly sad that this hair challenge is over. It's been good for me and I will keep trying to find new ways to do my hair, but I'm not particularly fond of taking daily pictures of myself. So goes.

And I smiled just for you Anon, whoever you may be
I'm making a goal this week to get to bed early. We were challenged to make our homes a place of comfort and safety for our children, warding off the evil that is surrounding us in the world we live in. For me, getting adequate sleep is the first step as I am much happier when I am well rested. Not to mention sleep is pretty important to the chub busting process too so I've heard. So I better get on it. Have a good night ya'll....and best wishes for a great week.

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