Friday, April 27, 2012

One of those days - Pin Post

My poor family and friends are probably sick of me when I get in these moods, and I apologize. I appreciate your patience with me, truly. So instead of going on and on and on....This is going to be a Pin Post. All of these are via Pinterest, just so I don't have to source them individually.

And here is my wish list. Do {single} guys like this even exist anymore? I don't think so.

Super sweetness. I want that.

Seriously. Games are ridiculous. I hate that guys feel the need to play games.

Love Love Love Love Love and....Love some more.

Might be my favorite saying yet. So true.

I love happy. Happy is good.


And that about sums it up.

On another are some non-depressingly mushy pins I love.

Need to remember this more often

And this.

Ok happy weekend all. We are going to be doing a kite festival, a carnival, a possible (but most likely not happening given what has happened in the past) date, our normal cleaning and shopping and laundry stuff and...of course....a lovely and relaxing Sunday. I think I look forward to that part the most. I definitely need the boost that Sunday brings.


  1. If you want to attract a truly extraordinary man, you have to be a truly extraordinary woman.

  2. And most of these in love photos aren't real. Real love isn't gushy like this.