Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stress, and more stress (and hair challenge)

Today turned into an ultra busy day. The morning wasn't bad, I finally got all of my systems up and going with my new job and was able to take the trainings that were due to be taken (for the most part) but then I was assigned my first official file. It was scary and gave me anxiety but I love it. However, I do not love that we have been having internet connection issues there. Its been effecting my work and not in a great way. I hope its up and running soon. It has more affected my other job which relies on the use of the internet in a major way. Like to the point that I feel like a failure in the other job position becuase people haven't been getting my emails and I don't know why. I would guess its the internet but I really just don't know. Either way, it really bothers me because it makes me look bad. Is that selfish? It probably is. It still bothers me though. So tomorrow I plan on going above and beyond to make sure the problem is rectified, of course, and just make sure I make adjustments from here on out so it doesn't happen again....and hopefully the problems that have occured thus far won't happen again. And I just realized this is a lot of rambling and probably doesn't make sense, but I guess that comes with a sudden burst of stress that I needed to vent and get out.
Hair challenge. I did my hair. Woohoo!

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