Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tired of being sick

I've felt it coming on for the last week...but this morning the cold finally hit me full force. I hate that. Ry and I stayed in bed (for the most part) all morning watching Netflix on my laptop. It was nice, but not very productive. So I decided we better get our butts moving and do something. We were doing our Saturday cleaning and started laundry....when we found out that our cousin Jack wanted to play. After we ate lunch, we went and helped My bro and SIL unload boxes (they are moving) and Ry played with Jackers. As for the rest of the it be in pictures. Oh and it wasn't a hair challenge day....I was totally not up to the hair thing this morning as I was hacking up a lung and sniffling.
Got the stuff to make laundry soap....forgot something to put the finished product in....

Wierd wierd truck/diesel thing. What makes someone think "mmm I'm gonna put a diesel sleeper smack in the middle of my truck today?"

Painted toes and fingers....they were in need.

These pictures weren't today, but yesterday. Ryders cousin Jackers LOVES to feed the horses and Ryder LOVES to go with. He's a little scared of the horses, but still gets up there and pets them when I do.

Feeding apples

Staring the horse down.

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