Monday, April 16, 2012

Mormon Messages Monday

Today's message is called Dayton's Legs. Besides absolutely loving this clip, It reminds me of Nate and how proud I am of him recently. There is a boy in his Sunday School class who is in a wheel chair and has something wrong with him, not sure what. Anyway...a couple Sunday's ago I was trying to hurry and go home which means of course I was trying to hurry the kids along. In the midst of it all, Nate told me that he couldn't leave yet. I asked him why...and he said that he needed to wheel his friend down to the library. I figured his teacher had asked him to help out that day or something, until I learned that for the past couple months Nate has volunteered to wheel around this little boy from class to Primary and then to the library (where the little boys' mom is) after Sunday School is over. I asked him why he volunteered and he said "I dunno, I just wanted to help." I couldn't be more appreciative of my son as he learns to give of himself to serve others. I truly couldn't have had a prouder momma moment. So his act of service has reminded me of Dayton's Legs. It makes me tear up pretty much every time I watch it.

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